Edificium is a construction company located in Orlando, Florida with over $5 million in design-build and repurposing projects statewide in less than five years of business. In partnership with Compass International Access, Edificium has quickly risen to become one of Central Florida’s leaders in all things construction and development.

As a new start-up company, they were faced with competing against large existing construction companies in a flooded market. Edificium needed to stand out from their competition and do it on a “shoestring budget.”

A plan was put in place that would slowly create communications actions while increasing awareness. These actions consisted of branding, website design, search-engine and social-media advertising, as well as digital brochures.


Project Highlights

  • $5 million in projects
  • Corporate employee growth
  • Construction in multiple states

“I want to thank Artists Vision personally because every single time Edificium had a last minute meeting with a potential future customer, they have always been available to create or edit something for that meeting. When we needed someone to revamp our website not only did they deliver but exceed our expectations. Even when we needed a brochure for a last-minute presentation, they once again delivered for us going as far as working overnight to deliver. We highly recommend Artists Vision for any communications needs.”

– Norman Perez
CEO, Edificium

Starting with branding, a visually appealing corporate font, color patterns, and logo were created that fit the company goals that were carried across all forms of media distribution. A corporate website was the next piece of the puzzle. Their website needed to become their main source of product information, and showcase current and past projects.

Once the corporate branding and website were completed the next phase was developing target online ads through platforms such as Facebook and Google. These ads were targeted to up-start businesses, as well as architecture and general contracting firms with the goal of awareness.

Lastly, digital and print brochures were created to use informational tools and talking points. All digital material was uploaded to their website and could be downloaded in exchange for the user’s email address to increase their email marketing database.

Services Provided:
• Brand Identity
• Website Design, Development, and maintenance
• Online Search Engine Marketing
• Digital and Print Brochures
• Email Marketing

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