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wendover housing group

Wendover Housing Partners

Wendover Housing Partners is a luxury senior community living developer located in Orlando, Florida. Lead by Jonathan Wolf, Wendover Housing Partners has been instrumental in developing profitable senior living centers throughout the United States. Most recently, they have started developing living centers along high-speed train systems, most notably Florida’s SunRail.

Wendover was in the need of a fresh re-brand after 20-years of using the same brand identity. This was an important next step as the company had recently restructured their management team and did not want to carry over old branding.

Together Wendover Housing Partners and Artists Vision created a new brand identity that would carry across all distribution outlets and promotional products.

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Project Highlights

  • 25+ senior living communities nationwide
  • SunRail housing developer
  • Downtown Sanford Housing Developer

“Artists Vision has worked with Wendover Housing Partners for several years developing our corporate branding, media, and proposals. Their hard work and dedication have led us to several Senior Living Complexes, Luxury Housing, and High-Speed Transit Housing. I would recommend them for any advertising, branding, marketing, media and web design projects”.

– Ryan von Weller
Senior Developer, Wendover Housing Partners

Wendover House Partners received a new corporate brand identity consisting of a new minimal logo design, color scheme, font and power point presentation templates. These new designs were carried over to all promotional products, corporate signage, brochures and offices. Long term, a new website and social media are planned for the company.

Services Included:
• Corporate Vector Logo
• Corporate Color Schemes
• Corporate Font
• Corporate Power Point Presentation Templates

Download the Wendover Housing Partners Case Study

Tolaris Realty

Tolaris Reality

Tolaris Realty

Tolaris Reality

Tolaris Homes and Real Estate is a real estate agency and custom home builder located in beautiful Sanford, Florida. The construction division of Tolaris specializes in the development of high-end custom design homes in exclusive communities. Tolaris Real Estate provides customer support for rental, purchasing and selling of properties.

Tolaris Reality and Homes were in the need of expanding their established brands to several of the up and coming communities as well as the newly established SunRail commuter train stations. Having a lack of knowledge and online support members an entire campaign would need to circulate around a print promotion.

With print in mind, Artists Vision set forth on creating eye-catching print billboards advertising their new communities and newly designed shopping and dining experiences located at SunRail station platforms. Paired with the billboards were informative print brochures outlining planning and future development of luxury neighborhoods including architectural renderings, community amenities, and supporting retail and shopping complexes.

Tolaris Realty

Project Highlights

  • 5 billboards created
  • Digital & print brochures for communities
  • SunRail / Weston Park signage

“Artists Vision’s creativity and intelligent decision making helped increase our awareness in local and surrounding luxury communities of Heathrow, Lake Mary, and Sanford.”

– Rick Tolaris
CEO of Tolaris Homes and Reality

More than five billboards were created and strategically placed in several high-traffic areas near Interstate 4, SunRail locations and established prosperous communities. Each design was uniquely designed to compliment the surrounding area while catching the eye of the commuters.

The next print marketing phase saw the development of two brochures. The first was created for potential retail investors showcasing office and retail locations for all three floors in the new Station Pointe at Lake Mary SunRail station. The second brochure was designed to inform both local patrons and SunRail riders of the new station, as well as retail and dinning destinations that would be opening soon.

Both campaigns were a success as they met and exceeded the expectation of the owners. The billboard campaigns increased their client database and established a plethora of new inventory to sell. The brochure campaign not only made the surrounding community and SunRail riders aware of the expansion, it also increased their email database and website traffic.

With the success of the print campaigns, Tolaris Homes and Artists Vision is currently developing a digital campaign that would launch the redevelopment of the corporate website, email marketing, video production and the development/maintenance of social media.

Services Included:
• Billboard Design and Print
• Brochure Design and Print
• Just Sold Print Mailers
• Just Listed Print Mailers
• In-House Wall Displays
• Digital Presentation

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Download the Tolaris Reality Case Study