PHCA Medical Group

PHCA Medical Group

PHCA Medical Group

PHCA Medical Group

Primary Healthcare Associates, now known as PHCA Medical Group, is a bilingual health-care provider located in Central Florida. With 10 offices and more than 20 physicians, PHCA Medical Group is able to treat patients from Kissimmee to Orlando for a wide variety of illnesses and preventive offer numerous preventive measures.

PHCA Medical Group came to Artists Vision about creating a brand identity that embodied corporate values while promoting a sense of life, wellbeing, and prosperity. In addition to corporate branding, business stationary was to be designed and web and social media were to be established.

Artists Vision created a corporate brand identity campaign that embodied all the required values set forth by management. The campaign included the logo, website, social media, and various print material.

PHCA Medical Group

Project Highlights

  • 3 new offices
  • Over 50K website site visitors
  • 6K Facebook followers
  • 25K total print materials

“Our partnership with Artists Vision has been key to the success of PHCA Medial Group. Their creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking helped establish the company’s brand in the Central Florida area.”

– Arlean Ramirez
Director of Marketing, PHCA Medical Group

PHCA Medical Group obtained a new corporate brand identity that consisted of two gold logos (corporate name spelled out and abbreviated) enhanced with the “Life Flame.” Brochures were created for each individual doctor and office, which were used for marketing events both in the United States and Puerto Rico. Other print materials such as event cards, promotional material, and home mailers were created to expand brand awareness. Lastly, a website and social media accounts were set up to help assist with digital marketing.

Recently, PHCA Medical Group updated their corporate logo moving away from the spelled out gold logo to a more modern abbreviated logo using a more inviting baby blue color tone. Additionally, a new website was launched and all social media outlets were re-packaged.

Services Included:
• Corporate Brand Identity
• Corporate Colors
• Corporate Stationary
• Corporate Brochures
• Corporate Website
• Corporate Social Media

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